Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to (hopefully) all your questions!

What is Cricket Blitz?

Cricket Blitz is a modified version of cricket played with 8 players who bat in pairs for 4 overs each regardless of the amount of times someone gets out.

Who can play Cricket Blitz?

Cricket Blitz can be played by anyone from Year 5-13. There are 6 categories; Year 5/6 Mixed, Year 7/8 Boys, Year 7/8 Girls, Year 9/10 Boys, Year 9/10 Girls and Year 11-13 Boys. Cricket Blitz is for the social to semi-competitive person who wants to have fun with their school mates in a safe environment.

How long is Cricket Blitz?

Cricket Blitz is 16 overs per side, games lasting no longer than 1 hour 30 minutes. The length of the competition willl be determined by the number of entries in your area.

What gear do I need to play Cricket Blitz?

None, as all gear is provided. Boys from Year 7 upwards must wear a groin protector and may choose to wear their own.

Can I use my own gear to play?

Yes, players can bring along their own gear to use if they wish. However it is not a requirement to have your own gear as all equipment is provided.

How many teams can my school enter?

Schools can enter an expression of interest for as many teams as they like. Depending on entries schools maybe limited to only 1 team per grade.

Who umpires and scores the games?

A teacher/parent or senior student can umpire and score. Some schools have formed links with their local cricket club to assist with the running of their team. Scoring/Umpiring is only done when your team is fielding.

Can we have more than 8 players?

Each game is played with 8 players. However you can rotate your players around from week to week.

Does everyone have to bowl?

All players (with the possible exception of the wicketkeeper) are to bowl a minimum of two overs and a maximum of three overs. Underarm bowling is acceptable.

How long is the wicket?

The wicket length is 18m for Year 5/6 Mixed and full size, 20m, for Year 7-13.

What are extras and do they have to be re-bowled?

An ‘extra’ is a either a wide or a no ball and these only have to be re-bowled in the 16th over of the game. Each extra is worth 2 runs to the batting team.

Are there LBW’s?

No there are no Leg before Wicket (LBW) dismissals.

What happens if I get out?

If a batsmen gets ‘out’ then they lose 3 runs from their total and have to swap ends, unless it is the last ball over the over. Each batting pair bat for a total of 4 overs regardless of the amount of times they get out.

How much does it cost to play Cricket Blitz?

Cricket Blitz is free for schools to play.

What do I have to wear to play Cricket Blitz?

For every team that enters Auckland Cricket will give your school 8 Cricket Blitz t-shirts to play in and a Cricket Blitz polo for your coach. It’s important that everyone who plays also wears sports shoes.

Where will games be played?

Games will be played regionally to limit the distance required to travel.

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