11 Dec, Monday

ACA Coaching Philosophy


ACA Coaching Philosophy

As coaches, we are there for our players.  We strive to take an athlete-centred approach to coaching where the needs of each athlete come first.  As such the environment we create:

  • Is challenging and fun
  • Is safe and encourages a sense of belonging
  • Encourages excellence in performance
  • Fosters participation, skill development and teamwork.
  • Develops well-rounded individuals who are confident, creative,  accountable, set personal goals and are good decision-makers
  • Emphasizes fair play and upholds the ‘Spirit of Cricket’

This means that the coach is not judged on the result of the game.  The real test is if the players are enjoying themselves, looking forward to coming back next week, learning, and playing hard but fair.

In their approach to coaching, coaches can ask questions, set up situations which encourage players to solve problems and can share the ownership of the team by allowing players to have a role in decision making.  The result of such an approach will be players who feel valued and respected, are innovative, self-aware and less coach dependent.

Coaching is about developing better people, no matter what age or ability, not just better cricketers.