Annual Appeal


In today’s education environment, funding is primarily used for educational resources. This leaves many schools without any additional financial resources to develop sporting facilities. Many schools can not fund the provision of an artificial cricket wicket for their school. Without this youngsters do not have the opportunity to try out, learn or develop their cricketing skills within the local school environment.

In addition, as the numbers of junior cricketers continues to increase at a rapid rate the lack of artificial wickets available for Saturday competitions means many kids don’t get the chance to play regularly. Provision of additional school based wickets will mean that more resources will be available for school based programs as well as for regular Saturday school and club-based competitions. Developing a passion for cricket at a young age will help establish the next generation of enthusiasts, players, coaches and perhaps even a future BLACKCAPS or WHITE FERNS representatives. Your support will allow young people to get a first hand taste of this marvelous game that we all love.

Donations can be made of any amount and are tax deductible.

Please send any donations to: Auckland Cricket Development Foundation, Private Bag 56906, Dominion Rd, Auckland 1030. Thank you for your generous support.

Bequest Fund

Help continue to develop top class cricketers in the Auckland region by leaving a lasting gift in your will. Your bequest today could help support the development of a future cricketing great.

You can choose to make your bequest for something in particular such as a scholarship or for general purposes and let the Foundation decide the best way to utilize your bequest.

All bequests made to the Auckland Cricket Development Foundation will be used to provide support for the development of cricket in Auckland.

For more information on bequests please contact the ACDF Administrator at