Grants and Applications

The Auckland Cricket Development Foundation has been established by the Auckland Cricket Association to create funding to support a number of specific projects while at the same time establishing a capital fund to provide long term funding to develop cricket in Auckland.

Such projects are in support of youth cricket, emerging cricketers, cricket clubs and schools and have as an overall objective the encouragement, improvement and expansion of cricket as a viable and enjoyable sporting and recreational activity.

The projects to be supported will include educational scholarships, artificial pitch grants, provision of scoreboards, supply of equipment, support of coaching initiatives, encouragement of development activities and will be directed to the grassroots of cricket in Auckland.

To date the Foundation has supported clubs by the provision of scorebooks, educational scholarships to young cricketers and artificial pitches in a number of schools. The forward program of the Foundation will include the ongoing provision of scholarships and the provision of coaching services and equipment to schools and clubs.

The Foundation has criteria it applies to every application and has strict procedures that need to be followed to ensure that its funding and resources are applied to the best benefit of Auckland Cricket and its constituents.

The Foundation calls for applications every year in late September. Applications will be considered by an ACDF Grants Panel and the successful applicants will receive funding the following year for any approved projects.


Please Note:

The Trustees of the Auckland Cricket Development Foundation will support to the full extent of available finances, grants that fall within their criteria and that allow the Trust to achieve its objectives of supporting development of cricket in Auckland at school, youth and young cricketer level, with particular emphasis on what is known as “grassroots”, educational opportunities, facilities, coaching and equipment.

The Trustees will not consider applications for professional players, overseas tours, personal gear or activities not related to cricket or cricketers.

The Trustees reserve the right to decline any application on any grounds but will endeavour to support those applications that meet the criteria and that advance cricket development in the Auckland region.

The Foundation will call for applications in October of each year with a view to approving grants in the New Year.