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Developing Future Aces and Hearts Programmes (DFA/H)

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Developing Future Aces and Hearts Programmes (DFA/H)


The DFA/H programme runs officially from August through to the end of April, but players can access key resources throughout the year.

Selection Timeline: Players are tracked and monitored throughout the whole season.  The district tournaments play a big part in the selection process.

Eligibility for the Developing Future Aces programme: Younger players must be in Year 12 or above, and older players must be eligible to represent Auckland at U19 level within the given year. However, a player who makes the DFA is not guaranteed a place in a representative side, and a player who is selected for a representative side is not guaranteed to be in the next intake of the DFA programme.

Eligibility for the Developing Future Hearts programme: Eligibility is managed on a case by case basis with is no age cap at the bottom or top end. We use the information we have gathered to make these decisions.

Selection Criteria:

Players are not selected based on age, but on the abilities and traits required future success at the highest levels:
Current Ability – How they play the game now.
Potential Talent – The player’s background and sporting history.
Performance Foundations – Coachability, work ethic, resilience, and motivation.