11 Dec, Monday

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Community Cricket

Some information about alternatives to playing club cricket as well as a number of other initiatives and partnerships that Auckland Cricket has going on.

Business House Cricket

The Auckland Business House Cricket competition plays every Saturday at Auckland Domain and are always looking for teams to add to their league.

Adapted Cricket

We're constantly looking to take cricket to new communities and adapted cricket is about finding ways to allow anyone to play the game.

Last Man Stands

If you want to try a form of Twilight cricket then Last Man Stands have got competitions around Auckland for you to give it a go.

Indoor Cricket

By virtue of it's fast and all inclusive nature, indoor cricket has developed some of the best all rounders in the recent history of cricket. This is simply because all players have to bat and bowl as well as do their bit for the team in the field. Your reactions have to be quick, your bowling accurate, and you need to be able to score runs from every ball faced.