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Cricket Blitz

Cricket Blitz

Cricket Blitz is our afterschool cricket competition aimed at the social to semi competitive cricketer. In Blitz the rules of traditional cricket have been changed to focus on equal participation. All 6 kids in a team will bowl and bat for the same amount of time.

It is free to enter and all the gear is provided! With no need to buy any gear or pay a registration fee the financial burden is reduced for parents.

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Cricket Blitz for 2018/19

Blitz is an intra schools competition which means a school team will not need to travel to a central ground to play against other schools. Having four or more teams of 6 players is ideal for a fun intra school competition.  If you have less than 4 teams we recommend you join with a neighbor school for an inter school competition with minimal travel. Your local club will work with you to setup and run the competition.

As a bonus for the year 5/6 competition, each club in Auckland will select a boys and a girls team to go into the Auckland wide finals day. Auckland Cricket are holding a Blitz finals day each term where we would like each club to nominate their top girl and boys year 5/6 Blitz team to participate.

Finals day for term 4 2018 - 11th December, Venue TBC

Finals day for term 1 2019 - 2nd April, Venue TBC

School Requirements

The school will need to provide adult supervision at the games. In most regions  local cricket clubs will provide an umpire/scorer at each game.

Schools do not need to provide any gear. Local cricket clubs will provide all necessary gear for games.

The competition is completely free. At no point will the school be charged to take part in Cricket Blitz.

Rules and Score Sheet

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