PlayHQ & Auckland Cricket

Introducing PlayHQ

Auckland Cricket are excited to support and adopt the New Zealand Cricket (NZC) led community online platform PlayHQ which will replace CricHQ for the 2022/23 season.

PlayHQ will become the national community registration, scoring, and competition management platform. The main purpose of the change is to deliver better experiences to players and volunteers whilst reducing the workload on administrators.

NZC have been working extensively with PlayHQ and the platform has been configured in collaboration to ensure it meets the needs of the community landscape in Aotearoa. PlayHQ are based in Australia with over 80 staff and are currently providing services to multiple sports including Cricket Australia, Basketball Australia, AFL, and New Zealand Hockey among others. It delivers competition management, registration, club administration, payments, game day management, live scoring and more!

Check out their website to find out more at


What About ACA Competitions?

PlayHQ will replace CricHQ for all Auckland Cricket competitions. To play in an Auckland Cricket competition this season, you will need a PlayHQ profile to be eligible and ensure you can be included in things like live scoring, career stats etc.


How do I register for PlayHQ?


This process may differ slightly from club-to-club, so please contact your respective club if you have any questions. The overall goal is to have every cricketer in Auckland on the system with a PlayHQ profile!

If your club is using PlayHQ as their primary registration platform, it is a simple process, and once you have registered, you will have a live PlayHQ profile and can explore the system, select competitions, and be added to teams for scoring.

If your club is not using PlayHQ as their primary registration platform, you will need to register on the club platform (i.e., Friendly Manager, Club Hub etc.) and then sign up to PlayHQ to ensure you have a live and accurate profile, which then can enable you to explore the system, and be added to teams for scoring.

If you are new to the game or looking for a club, please visit our ‘find a club’ page at


If you are playing in College Sport competitions, please contact your school for instructions on how to register.


Community Cricket National Resources

For the latest national news on all things PlayHQ please visit PlayHQ – Landing Page | NZC Community Cricket Hub


PlayHQ Club, Players, and Volunteer Education

Education Overview

We in collaboration with NZC and PlayHQ are committed to your learning journey and want to ensure you are in the best possible position to be educated in using the system to enjoy all the benefits and enhance your experience!

Your club has been part of a thorough adoption process and should be in a good position to help you along the way. If you are going to score, set up games or manage teams, the below has been designed to support you.

Education Steps and Resources Available

The below steps out the educational process with key details and further resources. As there will be thousands of people transitioning to the system, we please request you follow the below.  

  1. Guides/Webinars

  1. FAQs

  1. Live Drop-In Sessions

    • If you still have concerns or want an opportunity to ask further questions, jump into one of the drop-in sessions which will be live and delivered by NZC and PlayHQ staff.
    • To register for a session.
      • Wednesday 28th September 6.30pm Click here
      • Wednesday 5th October 6.30pm Click here
      • Wednesday 12th October 6.30pm Click here
  1. Help Desk

    • If you need ongoing support or have a question leading into the season, please submit it into the ‘Zendesk’ which is monitored by PlayHQ staff.
    • Link – ZenDesk
  1. Club / Auckland Cricket Support

    • Your club will be able to answer all your registration, team, or club specific questions, so please contact your club manager.
    • If you need to contact Auckland Cricket, please reach out to the following.


We appreciate your understanding and support. We look forward to together making the 2023/24 season the best one yet!