1. How to Update the ACA Playing Conditions Apps

How to Update the ACA Playing Conditions Content in GoodBarber

  1. Login to Goodbarber.
  2. Click the Manage Content icon.
  3. On the righthand side you will see each section/page.
  4. The green background is the Title, where you can edit the page title by clicking the text.
  5. Here you can either edit the existing title or create a new title. “, this will be displayed on top of the content.
  6. Next is the Image for the top of the page. Click the top + icon and bottom + icon to insert a new photo, text, video or any embedded code or if you wish to remove an item press the trash icon.
  7. To update content or add a new content use the + icon.
  8. Then save changes.

NOTE: It is important to REMOVE all formatting from imported text by copying the text into a program like Notepad or Text, and then copying out the non-formatted text. If you copy in text from Word or the website directly the formatting will be INCORRECT and look bung.